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  • How do you make sure that Aunt Nicole's desserts are truly gluten-free?
    I personally verify that every ingredient used in Aunt Nicole’s products is manufactured in a gluten-free environment! Since I cannot have it my environment, you are not going to get it in your baked goods.
  • Do you deliver locally?
    We offer local delivery up to 150 miles from our kitchen in Boca Raton, FL. Items go out within 1-2 business days after receiving the order and can be scheduled for delivery Monday - Sunday. Enter your zip code at checkout to review your options. For multiple deliveries, 5 or more, reduced rates are available; please contact me directly. Local Delivery Rates: Up to 10 miles: $15 10-20 miles: $30 20-40 miles: $40 40+ miles: Contact us for pricing.
  • Do you offer monthly subscriptions / Gourmet Cookie of the Month?
    Yes, we do! Pre-paid monthly subscription options offer a way to get our Delicious cookies each month at Deeply Discounted Rates. We have 3 month, 6, month, and 12 month subscription options in a variety of sizes. Go to the "SHOP" section or "More" section of our site to find the Gourmet Cookie of the Month subscription that is right for you.
  • What is the shelf life of Aunt Nicole’s cookies and treats?
    Most cookies are good beyond a week, but they are always best when eaten fresh. If you do not plan to eat the cookies soon after delivery, it is recommended that you seal them in an airtight container or bag for prolonged freshness. You may also place the airtight container in the freezer and defrost the cookies to be eaten at a later date.
  • How long after I place my order will my cookies ship?
    All items will be shipping within 1-3 business days after receiving the order, based on the day of the week. Only orders with an arrival date of two days with Saturday delivery will be shipped on Thursday and those with next day Saturday delivery will be shipped on a Friday. We want your cookies to be as fresh as possible!
  • Can I order custom decorated cookies?
    Yes! You can order custom decorated cookies like the ones seen here. Please reach out to us at for all custom order requests.
  • Do you make wedding cakes and specialty cakes?
    Yes, we do! Aunt Nicole's makes amazing cakes for any occasion for Local Pick Up and Delivery ONLY. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can make your event memorable and delicious!
  • What ingredients are in my cookies?
    Aunt Nicole’s uses all-natural ingredients! That means real butter, fresh eggs, real vanilla, fresh fruit, and premium chocolates. Each box of cookies and treats is labeled with the exact ingredients and allergy information.
  • Allergen info?
    Everything we make is 100% Gluten-Free and many of our items are Nut-Free. We do Not Use Peanut in any of our items, and we are very careful to prevent any possible cross-contact. (Even the premium nuts used in our chocolate bark are manufactured in a peanut-free environment.) Please contact me if you have any question regarding allergy information. We take it very seriously!


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